Project Services.

Clockwork provides the flexibility to adapt to business changes, rapidly implement technology innovations, and standardize and optimize operations of your SAP solution. Join the more than 300 customers who have trusted Clockwork to provide expert guidance through all phases of your development, integration, and enhancement projects.

  • Program Management
  • Platform and Landscape Planning
  • Development Strategy


  • Project Leadership
  • Technical Leadership
  • Development Consulting
  • Configuration and Deployment
  • ClockworkBuild Onshore


  • Managed Services
  • Ad hoc Service Requests
  • Continuous Improvement


Whether your organization is starting its SAP journey or is continuing its transformation into an Intelligent Enterprise, Clockwork helps you plan your projects with systematic, structured methodologies.

Program Management

Our Program Management team provides thought and solution leadership services, helping you clearly define business goals while ensuring your SAP deployment aligns with your organizational, efficiency, and strategic objectives. We help our customers build strong business cases, create plans for successful execution, and select the optimal team of resources to get the job done right the first time. Program Managers at Clockwork are recognized leaders in their field with numerous successful projects to their credit.

Platform and Landscape Planning

Our Architects and Platform experts help you plan for On-Premise, Hybrid-Cloud, and Cloud deployment and operations. Benefit from our years of experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure and start your project off on the right foot. We are recognized experts in streamlining SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, SAP BW/4HANA workload migrations to the cloud.

Development Strategy

Defining your development and integration strategies are key to your project success. Keeping pace with SAP’s recent innovations and aligning with their long-term product direction will ensure a sustainable, maintainable solution. Our team will help you plan and design personalized, enhanced, extended and innovative solutions and help you define the optimal mix of onsite, onshore and offshore development resources unique to your requirements.



Whether you’ve transitioned to agile project methodologies such as SAP Activate, or rely on waterfall or hybrid methodologies like ASAP, our teams iteratively and incrementally design, configure and build solid solutions, conduct end-to-end testing, obtain business acceptance, train users, and plan your cutover.

Project Leadership

Clockwork Project Managers deliver successful projects to our client leadership teams. We develop and oversee detailed project plans, identify project risks and develop risk mitigation plans. We keep track of budgets, timelines and resources to ensure that our projects are delivered on-time, on-budget that satisfy all expectations.

Technical Leadership

Our most-senior technical resources often hold the role of “Coach / Player” on SAP projects. They design and deliver on critical technical mandates, and manage the work-products of customer, system-integrator and Clockwork on-premise and remote technical resources.

Development Consulting

Our project consultants ideate, develop, iterate, and deploy solutions to meet exacting business needs. In large projects, this team takes on emerging technologies and complex deliverables that require frequent touch-points and agile methodologies, complemented by OnShore and/or OffShore developers.

ClockworkBuild OnShore

ClockworkBuild OnShore

You can eliminate time-zone, distance, and communication barriers with our Canadian-based ClockworkBuild development team. We deliver on large-scale RICEFW workloads, bespoke application developments, and integrations with cost-certainty with the quality that you’ve grown to expect from Clockwork.

Configuration and Deployment

Not all technical deliverables are bespoke developments. We configure cross-application solutions and install and configure SAP and ecosystem packaged solutions.



Cultivate a culture of continuous innovation, business process evolution, and efficient operations through our proven Clockwork Application Management (AMS) and Continuous Business Improvement (CBI) services.

ClockworkLabs Managed Services

Our Managed Services team provides complete monitoring, maintenance, and systems management throughout your SAP portfolio on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure, and/or on-premise.

Ad hoc Service Requests

Sometimes unplanned employee time-off, reallocation and departures can put your systems at risk. We provide ad hoc and termed support for vacation, leave, reassignment, and personnel changes to safeguard your solutions.

Continuous Improvement

We will help you keep pace with and evaluate processes and technology in constant change, so further improvements can be developed and applied through education, workshops, and invitations to review emerging solutions.