Streamline your reverse logistics processes


Reverse Logistics Application

The Reverse Logistics applications provide real-time, cloud-based integration between your mobile-workforce and warehouse.


Eliminate costly manual and paper-based processes while improving data quality and inventory accuracy with the real-time, cloud-based Reverse Logistics application suite.  They provide seamless integration between your mobile-workforce and warehouse. Streamline your transportation authority compliance and improve overall reverse-logistics functions, and allow your service teams to focus on customer satisfaction and service levels.

  • Business Benefits
    DOT regulation compliance, "green" process, increased customer satisfaction, improved inventory accuracy, faster revenue turnaround
  • IT Benefits
    In-cab thermal printing for DOT and receipts, SCP performance, efficient/stable warehouse FIORI applications, iOS-native application, enhanced security
  • Human Empowerment
    Simple/User-Friendly iOS mobile application, improves customer support, less redundancy, faster return/recycling credits for customer, streamlined approval cycles

    Reverse Logistics iOS and FIORI Suite

  • TECH:

    SAP Cloud Platform, iOSSDK, S/4HANA


    August 2020

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